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Adrian Beltre shows the Rangers the direction to the playoffs.

Adrian Beltre shows the Rangers the direction to the playoffs.








You could just about list everyone who played yesterday as the star of the game, but that has what’s been happening to the Rangers in September (yes, I know it’s October, but it’s really like late late September). It seems to be a total team effort every time the Rangers win.

Not just one hero, but a whole lineup full of contributors.

Beltre’s clutch bases-clearing double. Tolleson coming in to slam the door, again. Andrus making three amazing plays in one inning. DeShields spark plugging again.

Hamilton’s key RBI and amazing catch (you could hear Arte Moreno’s heart breaking all the way from Anaheim, assuming he actually had a heart).

Diekman proving to be the best trade throw-in in a long time.

And just maybe the biggest clutch player of all yesterday was Derek Holland, whose reputation and confidence were both badly in need of a good outing.

Now, the Rangers need just one more win, and their amazing worst to first is official.

This team is playing with a sense of camaraderie I haven’t seen in a long time. That is all on their manager. Banister seems to have created a wonderful clubhouse culture.

With so many players stepping up every day, there’s really no reason to think it won’t happen tonight.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.” The Rangers have a lot of heroes. Because, in the last three seasons, they have written their fair share of tragedies.

It’s good to see a happy ending for once.