Since the Rangers can’t go to the post-season, the post-season is coming to them.

Now that the National League playoffs, then the World Series, will be held in Arlington, it will be curious to see what kind of press The Baseball Shed in Arlington gets.

It’s coming out party will have a lot of eyes on it. And it will have one of the more architecturally arresting Ballparks ever built sitting right next to it by comparison.

It’s like you rented a tux for the dinner party and when you get there, you’re sitting next to George Clooney.

Of course, the TV talking heads will gush about it. They have to. It will be national writers who give it an honest assessment.

After my tour, I came away thinking it has all the charm of a corporate headquarters for an insurance company. Nice but dull. A building full of conference rooms and business centers. Oh, and a baseball field in the middle to add charm.

All eyes will be on Texas. It will be interesting what they see.