Slay the dragon.

With one swing of Didi Gregorious’s bat, the Minnesota Twins playoff hopes died again.

Before the Division Series began, the Twins front office printed up t-shirts with the slogan, “Slay The Dragon.” It was a reference to their not being able to get past the Yankees in the playoffs, having lost six consecutive playoff series to New York.

Talk is cheap. But not as cheap as their front office.

The Twins are not alone in that regard. Most front offices do the bare minimum to succeed. 

Getting into the post-season is good enough. 

Maybe if they would have invested in the team a bit more in the off-season, they wouldn’t constantly be dumped from the playoffs so soon. They wouldn’t have to start a Randy Dobnak in the playoffs.

Not to pick on Minnesota, but when you lose 15 straight playoff games, this is not a player problem, this falls squarely on the shoulders of ownership and their unwillingness to invest in players needed to take them all the way.

It’s the just enough to get you there philosophy that is running rampant in baseball. Just enough to get you through the season (like the Rangers have done the past three years). Just enough to get you into the post-season. Not enough to take you all the way.

Only a few teams are willing to go all in. The Astros did. That’s why I hope they win it all. 

Nothing is copied more in baseball than success. And if the Astros win the World Series, maybe that will remind other owners that investing in a deep roster is worth it. That signing veteran players rather than cheaping out with prospects is how you win. That starting pitching isn’t a plug and play commodity. That openers are for losers. That paying top dollar for relievers is a smart thing to do, especially in October when you need it most. 

I feel bad for the fans of the teams who do the bare minimum. Owners have the money. They simply choose not to spend it.

 Slay the dragon? What if the dragon is yourself?


Mike Soroka vs. Adam Wainwright
Game time: 3:10 on TBS

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