Some guys scored some runs. 175 comments

The names roll off the tongue like a who’s who on the witness protection program. All the greats: Beck, Mendez, Hernandez, Puello, Lerud, De Leon.

It was an exhibition season classic. Practice-game minor league baseball at its best. Double-A and Triple-A Rangers hitting off Double-A and Triple-A White Sox pitching. Who wouldn’t pay to see that? It was a come-from-behind-epic that will be remember for minutes to come.

The Rangers Jerseys scored three runs in the bottom of the ninth off the White Sox Jerseys to storm back to a 4-3 victory that totally eclipsed the World Baseball Classic being played in rainy Los Angeles, where real-Ranger Sam Dyson earned the W in a soggy 2-1 victory over Japan. Tonight they play Puerto Rico, our fifty-first state.

But who cares about USA versus Puerto Rico when Allen Webster is taking the mound for the Rangers Jerseys today at 3:10? Allen Webster!!!

The excitement is palpable. Or maybe that’s just the burrito I had for dinner.