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Adrian Beltre picked up four hits on his march to 3000. He is now seven away.


The Rangers did last night what they always seem to do after sweeping a team. They played flat, being shut out by the Miami Marlins 4-0.

What makes them think they are an elite team? What makes them think they are even a second-tier team? What makes them think they can win a playoff round? What makes them think they can win a wild card slot? What makes them think they are even worthy of a wild card slot?

Jon Daniels knows what a World Series roster looks like. He’s built two. He cannot look at this one and see a World Series roster.

Texas is now 99 games into the season, and they sit at three games under .500. So, after their disastrous first series against Cleveland where they lost the first three games of the season, they are 48-48. Since the All-Star break they are 5-6. Since July started, they are 9-10. Since June 1 they are 22-23. Since May 1 they are 38-38.

Pick any time of the season, any milestone, any landmark, any point of interest, and the Rangers are at best a .500 team. Since their ten-game winning streak against three last place teams, they are 25-31.

In extra inning games, they’re 4-4. In road games, they’re 23-30. In one-run games, they’re 10-15. Against teams in their own division, they’re 11-20. Against teams in the A.L. East, they’re 7-16. Against teams in the A.L. Central, they’re 11-12. Against teams from the American League they’re 38-48.

About the only winning record they can boast is being 25-21 at home and 10-3 against the National League.

There are now six teams ahead of the Rangers for the second wild card. So, again, what makes them think they are playoff-worthy?

As Red said in Shawshank Redemption, “Hope is a dangerous thing.”


Dan Straily (7-5, 3.49) vs. Cole Hamels (4-1, 3.78)
Game time: 7:05

How the Marlins hit against Hamels.
How the Rangers hit against Straily.