Spring Breakout.

Today is the Rangerst first annual Spring Breakout Game. It’s the brainchild of Major League Baseball, sort of like the Futures Game but for spring training. The idea is to spotlight all the great young talent in the pipeline.

Today, the top prospects from the Reds take on the top prospects from the Rangers in a day game (starting at 3:05), at Surprise Stadium. Following that is a regular spring training game between the Reds and Rangers.

But, back to the Spring Breakout Game. The pitchers on the Rangers roster for today’s game include Jack Leiter, Brock Porter, Owen White, Marc Church, Aidan Curry, and Dane Acker among others.

Position players include Sabastian Walcott, Dustin Harris, Liam Hicks, Aaron Zavala, and Jonathan Ornelas, among others. In an interesting last-minute change, Justin Foscue was taken off the Spring Breakout Roster. He’s busy trying to win a spot on the Rangers twenty-six-man roster.

Eighteen-year-old shortstop Walcott is the player to watch for the Rangers. He’s having a great spring and opened some eyes in his first minor league season in 2023.

Spring Breakout is a great way to see each franchise’s best prospects and get a gauge of their future talent. Mostly, though, it’s a great way for MLB to hype an otherwise meaningless spring game. And, really, hype is what the league does best.



Spring Breakout Game

Cincinnati vs Texas, 3:05

Spring Training Game

Cincinnati vs Texas, 8:05