Spring things.

Some spring training positives:

Ronald Guzman
He continues to make contact and try to earn back his place in the Rangers plans. He’s always been a phenomenal defensive first baseman but it’s a position that demands offense. He seemed to find it in the offseason and it’s carrying over in spring. It might be enough to keep his job.

Mike Foltynewicz
When he started last season, his fastball magically and tragically disappeared. He thought his career might have gone with it. The Braves must have thought so as well. He started one game, got lit up for six earned runs in 3.1 innings, and was cut. Seems harsh, especially since just seasons before he was an All-Star and Cy Young candidate. But, in his spring start, his fastball came back, clocking in as high as 97 miles per hour, a far cry from the 90 he slipped to last year. He has a high ceiling. His first outing was very encouraging.

Joey Gallo
Forget last season. Remember 2019. That’s what Rangers fans have to hope for from Gallo. He was on his way to an MVP-caliber season in 2019 when he was derailed by injury. He was derailed by so much more in 2020. It started with COVID, then he never got it going after that. But he has four home runs in five games. His new bat is more balanced. Let’s hope his offensive output is as well. Because Gallo can carry this team like nobody else on the roster.