Spring thrills.

Come-from-behind wins are always fun. Spring training games are no exception.

After being down 5-0 early, the Rangers turned it around with a four-run seventh. 

Two actual Rangers—Nick Solak and Jose Trevino—highlighted the comeback with doubles. 

Solak is starting to dial it. After a 2-for-3 last night, 
Solak is now hitting .303. Again, these numbers are just spring numbers, but they do suggest he is getting good swings, getting his timing down, and not lost at the plate. A successful Solak is key to the Rangers getting-near-to-.500 hopes in 2021.

We’re in the final ten-game spring training run. It’s time for players to start finding their game for the opening bell.

It’s good to see Solak and Trevino getting it going.