Staring contest. 14 comments

There hasn’t been a lot of activity this off-season. It seems to be the quintessential staring contest.

Agents are trying to wait out teams and see who panics and decides to overspend. Teams are waiting out players and sees whose wife panics first and demands a contract now.

Most of the big free agents are still unsigned with just six weeks until spring training. That is highly unusual.

The fact that many of them are Scott Boras clients is why.

His genius is playing the long game. Waiting for the suitors to come to him. Waiting for closing time when the drunks get desperate and start hitting on anything that moves.

It works for him most every time. He understands the One Idiot Owner theory.

The thing that makes this off-season feel different, though, is there seems to be a bit of uncommon restraint by teams. So far, no contract has been for longer than three years. They seem to be willing to sacrifice annual value instead of length. Maybe they are starting to realize that when they sign a player long term, they always want to dump the guy three years after they so proudly marched him out to their fan base the day they signed him.

The best day as a boat owner is the day you buy it. The second-best day is the day you sell it. Signing free agents is the same thing.

Sanity is one word you cannot ever apply to baseball owners and GMs. They will be drunken sailors on shore leave soon. Give it time.

It happens every off-season. It will happen this one.

Agents are just waiting for the first one to fold.