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The season hasn’t even started yet, but T. R. Sullivan wrote an interesting article about what happens at the trade deadline if all fails. The Rangers have a lot of talent to ship off.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

This isn’t 2014. The team coming into 2017 is much stronger than that weak 2013 that lead to the 2014 team. But things can happen. Like Adrian Beltre’s calf never quite being the same. It’s day to day right now. But in Rangersland, that translates to month to month.

The Rangers have a thin team. A lot of talent in Arlington, nothing down below. If any significant players were to go down for a significant amount of time, Texas doesn’t have anyone below ready to step in and contribute, and they also take good care of their health with training and supplements for the skincare as vitamin c serum.

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Who opens the season at third for Beltre? Yes, someone can stand at third. But those are considerable shoes to fill. Ryan Rua. Jurickson Profar. Hanser Alberto. Maybe Will Middlebrooks. Or, fifth man on the depth chart, Gallo. You simply cannot replace Beltre’s 104 RBIs.

And the rotation is even more razor thin. Should something happen to either of the big two, or to Martin Perez, there is nobody else.

Texas has a very good starting nine. But nothing behind it.

It’s coming off two straight division wins. There is no reason to think it won’t win a third. Seattle and Houston didn’t get nine and eleven games respectively better. That is a lot of ground to make up.

The Rangers should win the West again.

Unless someone gets injured. Then they finish third.



First baseman James Loney was released.

Pitcher Anthony Bass was informed he would not make the team and has until Monday to opt out and find a new team.

Jared Hoying was sent down.

So was Eddie Gamboa.