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Offensively, the Rangers have really stagnated the last two and a half years. Much of that was due to injury last year, but a lot of it was due to not getting hits with runners in scoring position. The Rangers seem to doing that for now.

A few observations:

Odor can hit. He is for real. Jurickson who? Ian who?

Fielder seems to be fine. Can he be the RBI machine of old? Why not? If he is, this team can score some runs.

Gallo is holding his own so far. It might be too early to call him up, but early might come early if he keeps showing he can do it.

Carlos Peguero is giving LF and DH a run for its money.

Pretty easy to watch the trajectory of Jared Hoying. Can’t wait to see him in a Rangers uniform.

There seems to be serious competition for LF and DH. May the best man win, and not just the one who is making Moreland money than everyone else.