T-minus seven days.

One week.

One week until Rangers pitchers and catchers report to Surprise. One week until baseball activity resumes.

One week before the season is one positive COVID test away from being temporarily shut down.

Last season, the league and players went to extraordinary lengths to get a shortened season complete. COVID hasn’t gone away. Yet, now they are plowing ahead with nearly three times the games to play. That means three times the opportunity for problems and complications.

If the major league season is flying by the seat of its pants, who know what’s going to happen with the minor league season. If minor leaguers lose a second year of play, it could severely complicate their development.

This won’t be an easy season.

But, baseball is just around the corner. You can almost smell the grass, the cowhide, and the leather.

Six weeks of spring training. Followed by six months of a regular season. It’s anybody’s guess how it all gets pulled off.