Tables turned.

A long long time ago, when the Rangers were good, when they were a playoff team, the Astros were their patsy. 

In 2010, they were 5-1 against Houston. In 2011, 4-2. In 2012, 5-1. Then the Astros moved to the American League. And the domination continued. In 2013, Texas was 17-2 against Houston. The Rangers were horrible in 2014 and they had a losing record against the Astros. But they bounced back in 2015, and were 13-6 against Houston, then in 2015, 15-4.

The tables have turned. In the Chris Woodward era, Texas is now 11-20 against Houston. If that’s not bad enough, they are 2-15 in Houston.

Here is their record against the Astros in Woodward’s three seasons as Rangers manager.

If the Rangers are ever going to be good, they have to get better against their West Division foes.