The cold shoulder. 269 comments

Ex-Ranger MVP and almost 2011 World Series hero Josh Hamilton has to undergo shoulder surgery.

Hamilton set his goal for 2015 at 30 home runs, 100 RBIs and a .300 batting average.

That is in jeopardy now, assuming it were possible in the first place. He will be out at least six to eight weeks to recover. Meaning, he will miss spring training and be forced to find his swing quickly. A swing he lost June 1, 2012, and hasn’t found since.

He struck out 108 times in just 338 at bats, nearly one third of the time. He missed most of September with a rib cage injury and his injured shoulder. And he was a black hole in the Angels lineup in the playoffs. Now he will miss the first part of the season, at least. And have to deal with that lingering shoulder surgery the rest of the season. Along with his other injuries.

People in Texas love him or hate him, mostly hate him, and there are a whole lot of valid reasons for both.

I liked him when he was here. I appreciated what he did for this Rangers team. And, the front office has never filled the void when he left. But I am glad he’s not here anymore. Josh Hamilton is a guy with a fifteen-year-old’s brain and a seventy-year-old’s body.

Rangers fans laugh at the Angels for signing him and for being stuck with three more years of a huge, stupid contract. But Texas may have two of their very own huge, stupid Josh Hamilton contracts with Choo and Fielder.

Let’s hope not.