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Starting tonight, somebody’s streak is about to end. Somebody’s curse is about to be lifted. Somebody’s bad luck is about to change. Somebody’s pig is about to fly.

The Chicago Cubs were one of the original eight teams when the National League started in 1876. The Cleveland Indians were one of the original eight teams when the American League started in 1901.

In all those years—one hundred-forty for Chicago and one hundred-fifteen for Cleveland—both teams have won the World Series just two times each in their histories.

That’s it. Just twice.

That’s pitiful, frankly.

Chicago won it all in 1907 and 1908, Cleveland in 1920 and 1948.

That is a lot of futility. That is a lot of bad baseball. That is a lot of waiting until next year.

Rangers’ fans think they have it bad. The Indians haven’t won it in sixty-eight years, the Cubs in one hundred-eight years. Generations upon generations of fans have come and gone. Grandfathers have gone to their deathbeds with one regret—not seeing their team win it all.

That is about to end for one of them.

One day, that will happen for the Rangers as well. If it’s anything like Cubs’ fans have had to endure, it will be in 2080, Beltre’s last year.

Check back with us then.



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