The farm system.

Jim Callis of writes about prospects and teams’ farm systems. Here is his analysis of where the Rangers are right now. A lot of good reading there.

His top five in the Rangers system are the usual suspects in Josh Jung, Sam Huff, Leody Taveras, Cole Winn, and Maximo Acosta.

Taveras is probably coming off the prospect list in 2021 since he has already become the Rangers full-time centerfielder. Since he took over in center, he hit better than expected in his 33 games in center but still has a lot of schooling to do. His .227 batting average and .308 on-base percentage numbers might be stellar by comparison in the Rangers lineup but it added up to 91 OPS+, meaning he was had a less-than-average offensive year compared to major league hitters across the board. He’s not here for his offense, though, so anything is a plus.

Even with the success Huff had once he got past the early game jitters, it’s doubtful he will start the season on the opening day roster. Taveras will because the Rangers have no other choice. In Huff’s case, the Rangers have Jose Trevino and will most likely re-sign Jeff Mathis to back him up, allowing Huff to cook a bit longer in the minor leagues, assuming there will be minor league baseball in 2021.

As for the rest of the prospect on Callis’s list, except them to remain in the minor leagues as well, despite the Rangers claim of embracing a youth movement. That’s just GM speak for “we will patch this together with what we already have and a few inexpensive free agents.”