The forgotten man. 463 comments

It was talked about yesterday here, but I wanted to add a few thoughts.

Evan Grant published the first of his weekly predictions of the Rangers opening day roster. And while it’s hard to argue with most of his predictions because most roster spots are already determined, the one name missing, which I knew would be because he doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s plans, is Jake Smolinski.

Look, I’m not the guy’s agent or president of the Jake Smolinski Fan Club or anything. I just think he deserves a good, hard look.

All the guy did last year once called up the the Rangers is hit.He hit major league pitching. Consistently. As constantly as Ryan Rua.

He hit .349, and his three HRs and twelve RBIs would put him on pace to hit twenty and drive in eighty-one. That’s not nothing.

Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe a flash in the pan.

But why does Moreland keep getting chances when he constantly drops his meat in the dirt, and Smolinski is ignored when he proved he could do it when given the chance?