The newest new approach. 39 comments

A lot is being made about this new approach sweeping over Rangers camp generating from new manager Chris Woodward and his staff.

They are re-inventing hitting and pitching. Using analytics to disrupt conventional thinking.

It’s all well and good, and when you consider the lack of success the Rangers have had lately simply making contact with the ball, sticking to the status quo is foolish. If you keep doing business as usual, expect business as usual.

So, I am all for a different voice and a different way. Last place sucks.

But let’s tap the brakes on all the talk of revolution here. This current regime certainly did not invent the idea of going the other way, of using the entire field, of working counts in a hitter’s favor, of letting the bat stay in the strike zone as long as possible. Ted Williams wrote a book called The Science of Hitting forty years ago.

This is certainly not the first time these players have had these ideas drilled into their heads. Past hitting coaches knew what they were doing. They were simply the victims of players who were unable to execute a plan or reinvent themselves or evolve.

The last regime brought woth them a new approach, As did the one before that.

Maybe this new new approach will finally sink in. Maybe data and technology will work where expertise and old-school wisdom didn’t.

All we can do at this point is hope something sinks in.