The night is Jung.

Josh Jung connects for his first home run of the year, putting Texas up 1-0.

“Oh no.”

ESPN had Phillies shortstop Trea Turner mic’ed in the second inning when he responded to a Josh Jung fly ball deep to right that cleared the fence for a home run.

Oh no was right if you were a Phillies fan this weekend. They got pounded by the Rangers the first two games, then nipped 2-1 last night.

Josh Jung had himself quite a game. Not only did his homer in the second put the Rangers up 1-0, but right before he did that, the Rangers rookie third baseman turned a difficult double play to close out the top of the second, after the Phillies had doubled and walked with one out. It was one of the many huge plays he made at third.

The ESPN announcers, the ones in the booth and not the one playing shortstop for the Phillies, praised Jung’s rock solid defense and then mentioned how vital it is to an organization to draft and develop a player who comes up and makes an impact with the major league club.

The Rangers haven’t had that. Maybe, finally, fortune is smiling on the Rangers and they can reap the benefit of a farm system so many of the successful teams do.

One can dream.

What isn’t a dream, though, is the Rangers swept the Phillies to start the season 3-0 for the first time since 2011. Rangers fans remember what happened that year.

Oh yes.