The numbers don’t lie. 126 comments

Adrian Beltre is all smiles after his second hit of the game was number 3,082 of his career, passing Cap Anson on the all-time hit list and putting him seven away from Ichiro.


Sabermetrics have taken over the game. Data is king.

Teams are slaves to data. But only when it’s convenient. Only when it fits the narrative.

For instance, here is an interesting piece of data:

Adrian Beltre has played in 30 games this season. The Rangers are 9-21 in the games he has played.

Adrian Beltre has not playing in 29 games this season. The Rangers are 15-14 in the games he has not played.

What would Sabermetrics suggest?

My bet is the Rangers will ignore that data.


Bartolo Colon (2-2, 3.55) vs. Jaime Barria (4-1, 2.97)
Game time: 9:07

How the Rangers hit against Barria.
How the Angels hit against Colon.