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All we hear about is how bad the Rangers are this season against left-handed pitching. And they are bad, as I wrote about a few days ago.

But after watching this team lose its fifth in a row, and 14 of its last 19, scoring two runs or fewer in twelve of those 19 games, you have to ask, can this team even hit at all?

They can’t hit left-handers. Since they face three right-handers in the next three games against San Diego, it’s only fair to ask, So how do these guys do against right-handed pitchers?

It’s not pretty.

Let’s look at the benchmarks. Last season, the top batters versus right-handed pitchers were:

Justin Morneau .341
Michael Brantley 340
Robinson Cano .331
Corey Dickerson .328
Victor Martinez .321

And last season, the top home run hitters against right-handed pitching were:

Nelson Cruz 32
Giancarlo Stanton 30
Edwin Encarnacion 29
Lucas Duda 27
Chris Carter 27

By comparison, here is how the Rangers hitters fare against right-handed pitchers this season (double the home run total to compare to last season’s totals):

Fielder .393, 7 HR
Moreland .304, 12 HR
Hamilton .286, 2 HR
Choo .267, 9 HR
DeShields .255, 0 HR
Odor .252, 3 HR
Beltre .247, 3 HR
Rosales .244, 1 HR
Rua .231, 1 HR
Martin .222 3 HR
Andrus .220, 1 HR
Chirinos .195, 5 HR
Corporan .167 2 HR

Against right-handers, Fielder is having a Hall-of-Fame caliber year. Moreland is having an All-Star level season. But the rest of the Rangers range from mediocre to terrible. On a nightly basis (until DeShields seems to have won the center field job) the Rangers ran three guys out there (Andrus, Martin and one of the two catchers) who bat .222 or less. That’s a third of the lineup with very little hope of getting a hit.

No wonder this team cannot hit with runners in scoring position. This team cannot hit period.

So, in conclusion. The Rangers cannot hit left-handed pitching. The Rangers cannot hit right-handed pitching.

Too bad there isn’t a third kind.