The Price of failure. 64 comments


David Price is the opposite of Mr. October.

After last night’s loss to the Yankees, in which he lasted just one and two-thirds innings, giving up three hits, two walks and three earned runs, Price is now 0-9 in ten post-season starts. His ERA is 6.03.

Price is the least successful pitcher of all time with at least nine post-season starts.

Against the Yankees this season, his ERA is 10.90. Against the Yankees since he joined the Red Sox, including playoffs, he is 2-8 with a 7.95 ERA.

Nothing will get Boston fans ire up more than that.

He is the poster child for bad contracts. The Red Sox threw a seven-year, $217-million deal at him before the 2016 season. His regular seasons, it’s worth noting, have been mostly good.

Price is the guy you want on the mound for a July game in Kansas City. But he’s the guy you want as far away from any mound in October.

So now, the Yankees have tied the series at one game apiece as they head to New York, where they can easily win the next two.

One thing’s for sure. If there is a Game 5, the Red Sox should send David Price on a cruise. Keep him as far from Fenway Park as possible. Maybe for his own good.

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