The Rangers have an ace.

Total domination: 8 innings, 0 runs, 4 hits, 11 Ks. 

Two 1-0 shutouts in a row. Mike Minor could have been in a Yankees uniform doing that. He could have been doing that for the Braves. Or the Brewers. Or any one of the handful of teams desperately looking for pitching but apparently not hard enough to make a legitimate offer for him.

But he’s doing it in the only uniform he should be doing it in. 

When every other team wanted Mike Minor to be a reliever, the Rangers wanted him to be a starter. So he signed here.

When every other team wasn’t willing to give the Rangers what a guy like Mike Minor is worth at the trade deadline, he stayed a Ranger.

And that might be the best deal Jon Daniels has done in a long time. 

Let’s hope he keeps his head about him this off-season and keeps Minor in Arlington. 

That uniform suits him fine.



Ariel Jurado (6-7, 4.74) vs. Neil Ramirez (0-1, 5.40)

Game time: 6:07