The Rangers need a new approach.

The failures of Lyles, Foltynewicz, and Arihara are another glaring example that the Rangers need a new philosophy on rotation building.

What else can anyone expect when Jordan Lyles and Mike Foltynewicz are in the same game?

Frankly, the fact the Rangers gave up only seven runs is surprising. What’s not surprising is all seven runs were given up by Lyles (five) and Foltynewicz (two).

They represent everything that has been wrong with Rangers baseball. This buying pitchers at the bottom barrel store. This broken wing and a prayer philosophy.

It’s worth noting, and a lot more coincidental than perhaps the Rangers realized, that the same day Lyles and Foltynewicz stunk up the place, Kohei Arihara was designated for assignment.

It put a fitting punctuation mark on not only the Rangers failed season but on their failed roster building strategy as well.

Yes, there was Lance Lynn and Mike Minor. They were flukes. Happy accidents. Because the list of Lyleses and Folynewiczs and Ariharas is so long, it obliterates the Lynns and Minors list.

For the second year in a row, Jordan Lyles is leading baseball in earned runs allowed. And this year, he is leading in hits allowed. And home runs allowed. 

Jordan Lyles, with his 5.36 ERA and 1.437 WHIP is going to win the reverse-Cy-Young award: leading the league in earn runs, hits, and home runs allowed

A franchise that has never produced a Cy Young award winner can at least boast having the worst pitcher in the league.

Again. And again. And again.

Congratulations, Jon Daniels. You must be proud.