The Royals are in. 18 comments

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No matter which team you were, or you were rooting for, this is how you want it to end.

The Royals, you want your stud closer on the hill.

The Blue Jays, you want your probably MVP.

All-Star against All-Star. Power against power. Wade Davis against Josh Donaldson.

Davis bent, but he didn’t break. It might have been one of the more remarkable saves, until you realize he got himself into this jam by giving up a single, allowing a stolen base, throwing a wild pitch, then walking a batter all before he got a single out.

Wade Davis is staring at second and third, no outs, his team up by the thinnest margins 4-3. He gets a strike out. A strike out.

Then the nightmare begins.

All-World Josh Donaldson is up. Donaldson has been the Blue Jays stud all season. With 41 home runs, and 123 RBIs. Those are truly MVP numbers.

Breathes were held. Hearts were stopped. Because, frankly, Wade Davis wasn’t nearly as sharp as he had been.

But he was good enough to get Donaldson to ground out to end the inning, end the game, end the Blue Jays’ season, and send the Royals to their second straight World Series.

That’s how it should have ended. Best against best.