The second half.

It’s time for non-stop trade talk about Gallo, Gibson, and Kennedy.

Time to ramp up the season again, as much as most Rangers fans would rather fast forward to when the Rangers are good again.

But the reality is, they still have seventy-two games left to play this season. Currently, they are 20 games under .500 and 19.5 games out of first. But only 10.5 out of fourth. They are the only team in the division with a losing record. And, worse yet—as if it can possibly get worse—the Ranger start this second half on a ten-game road trip.

The Rangers have as much luck on the road as a chainsaw wielding hockey-mask wearing hitchhiker has of being picked up.

On the road this season, the Rangers are 13-30, playing a sad .302 baseball. That’s on pace to win twenty-four road games. Out of eighty-one.  

They head to Buffalo for three against the Toronto Blue Jays, who are playing for a wild card spot. Then four in Detroit against the Tigers, who just beat them two out of three. Then it’s onto Houston, the team they are just 19.5 games behind, for three against the Astros.

All that while the endless talk of potential trade deadline deals for Kyle Gibson, Joey Gallo, Ian Kennedy, and anyone that’s not bolted down. That’s what happens when you are baseball’s pantry.