There will be baseball. Maybe.

Sixty games.

That’s what it appears the 2020 season will comprise of. How legitimate is a sixty-game season?

Had last year’s season been just sixty games, the Texas Rangers would have been the second wild card in the American League. They ended up 78-84.

The Rangers would have made the playoffs. And, the eventual World Series winning Washington Nationals would not have.

So, a sixty-game season certainly seems like the very definition of a crap shoot. And with the Rangers lack of offense, having a rotation of Kluber, Minor, and Lynn might be good enough to carry them through sixty games. 

As was proven last year, the full 162 tends to separate the men from the boys, so to speak.

But, before any hope arises, realize we have been here before, with the promise a season is about to start. So, there’s no reason to believe it is going to happen again.

Major League Baseball announced it is implementing a sixty-game schedule that would begin around July 24. 


There is always a but. Usually it’s a big butt.

But—the union needs to provide the league with two pieces of information by the end of business today. Good luck with that.

One, a pledge that players can make it to their home ballparks by July 1 to begin Spring Training 2.0. Two, sign off on the health-and-safety protocols.

If we have seen anything the past 100 days since they thought they had a deal in March, we know one thing is for certain. Nothing is for certain. Those two asks might never get answered. Ever since the union threw down the bravado “tell us when and where” all they have done is put up every roadblock to returning.

There is no reason to think that won’t happen again. This season is far from being finalized.

But, if it’s sixty games, it is a sprint rather than a marathon. And the Rangers are much better suited for a sprint.