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Bartolo Colon registered major league victory number 244, moving him past Juan Marichal for the most wins ever by a Dominican-born pitcher.


Elvis Andrus is back.

All is right in Rangersland.

For those who are Sabermetically inclined, Texas is 5-10 in games in which Elvis Andrus has played, which is a .333 winning percentage. They are 24-24 in games in which he did not play. Which is a .414 in games in which he has not played. Of course, like so many overly parsed stats, that means nothing other than they happened to play better without him.

But, with their 6-3 win over the Royals, the Rangers have now won three games in a row.

Don’t get too excited. Yes, it’s three wins in a row. And that’s a nice accomplishment. But, again, when you look at the numbers, it’s sad. This is only the second time this season the Rangers have won as many as three games in a row.

That would be noteworthy if it were April. But it’s the middle of June. Texas has now won three games in a row twice. Just two times.

Even more sad is, it’s the middle of June and this team has won two games in a row only four times.

But, let’s take it while we can. A lot of good things happened last night.

One, Bartolo Colon became the all-time winningest pitcher from the Dominican Republic.

Two, the Royals walked Guzman to get to DeShields, and he singled in a run to make them pay.

Three, Rougned Odor did not start at second and the Rangers won.

It’s a three-game winning streak. Today, they go for four.

One can dream.


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Game time: 7:15

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