Time to start adding bats.

The White Sox just signed Edwin Encarnacion. Not that he was rumored to be in any way coming to the Rangers, but that takes off one more bonafide bat off the free agent market.

Legitimate offense to plug in the many holes in this offense are starting to get slim.

Yes, the Rangers made an offer on Rendon. It was a PR offer, meant mostly to say, “hey look, we tried.” It wasn’t really intended to actually land him.

And so, as the market dries up, it seems the Rangers pledge to play in the high end of the free agent market is going to get harder and harder to fulfill. Not that the Rangers should just throw away money because they said they were going to.

But it’s time to start figuring out where the offense is going to be coming from.

Because the Rangers have too many positions where it’s not coming from.