Top ten centerfielders. 14 comments

Perhaps nowhere has the talent drain from the World Series years been more evident for the Rangers than center field.

In the metaphorical opposite of going from zero to 60, the Rangers went from Josh Hamilton to┬áLeonys Martin. It was immediately apparent that that wasn’t going to work. Three seasons later, that realization made it to the front office, and Martin was replaced by Delino DeShields, who was an instant catalyst. Then, just as suddenly, he wasn’t.

So the Rangers decided to bring in Ian Desmond, who had never before played a position that is way too important to man with someone who has never before played it. Memories of missed routes in the playoffs against Toronto remind us of how that experiment failed.

It went back to DeShields by DeFault, with sprinklings of Joey Gallo (another one who had never before played the position), Drew Robinson, and Carlos Tocci.

This is the long way of saying, there is not a Ranger in the top ten centerfielders in baseball. And,  not coincidentally, there is not a Rangers in the top ten teams in baseball.