Tough job.

You think your job is tough. Imagine being a manager for the Texas Rangers. It’s one of only thirty jobs like it out there. But it’s with the Texas Rangers. And you are given the most lopsided nonsensical roster to work with.

You have like fifteen outfielders. Two infielders. You have two pitchers. And a never-ending shuttle between Arlington and Nashville.

The Rangers have used 26 pitchers so far this season. And right now they have absolutely no idea who is starting tonight.

Thank you, Jon Daniels. The roster is a mess again.

He dropped it into Woodward’s lap and said “Here you go. Now try to win.”

He has done a good job of it so far. But there’s only so much he can do. 

Tough job.



TBD (—, -.–) vs. Tommy Milone (1-4, 3.95)

Game time: 9:10