Two in the top 100.

Jonathan Mayo released his Best Prospects of the Game list on yesterday.

The Rangers deep farm system produced zero players in the top ten. 

But, when you go position by position, it gets a bit better.

Texas has the number eight catching prospect in Sam Huff. His projected arrival in the big leagues in 2021.

At first base, no Ranger prospect made the top ten. Nick Solak came in at number five at second. Too bad he is stuck behind a long-term contract. Josh Jung was also number five at third, with an ETA of 2021. No Ranger at short. Or outfield. Or left-handed pitcher. Or right-handed pitcher.

Overall, Jung is ranked 55 out of 100, and Huff is 74. Those are the only two Rangers prospects in the Top 100. In the division, the Mariners lead with five Top-100 prospects, the Athletics with three, the Angels have two, and the Astros have one.

Of the Rangers, Mayo says:

“Injuries and development setbacks have prevented the Rangers farm system from contributing much while the team has endured three straight losing seasons. The organization still has plenty of high-ceiling prospects, exemplified by the slugging and strong-armed Huff, though it may have signaled a more moderate approach by taking Jung and his polished bat with the eighth overall pick last June.”

This is a team selling the future. Maybe one day it will arrive.