Two more for Gallo.

Joey Gallo connects for the first of two solo shots in the Rangers 5-4 win over Oakland.

Five home runs in three games. Nine runs batted in. 

Joey Gallo is locked in.

It’s great to see. When that happens, the Rangers win. On the road. In Oakland. 

The fact that this awakening has happened at the same time umpires are finally enforcing the no sticky stuff on the ball rule might be more than a coincidence.

He is seeing fastballs better. And he’s not missing them. Or, they aren’t dancing away from him because they’ve been doctored. This is, in fact, the best three-game output of his career as far as home runs are concerned. In 2017, he hit four in three games on August 1, 2, and 3. The Rangers won two out of three.

Right now, a Joey Gallo at-bat is must-see viewing. He is streaky, so sit back and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

The Rangers now have their longest winning streak of the season. Four games. They won’t be printing World Series tickets. But at least they are fun to watch lately.