Two things.

Joey Gallo, who will compete in the Home Run Derby, got an early start with the first of two home runs against the Tigers.

Two things were revealed in yesterday’s Rangers game.

One, Kyle Gibson is human after all.

Two, Joey Gallo is playing at a super human level right now.

Since giving up five runs in his opening day start, really his opening day inning, Kyle Gibson has been pitching out of this world. He went fifteen straight starts where he was totally dominating, only once giving up three earned runs, giving up one or fewer runs in eleven of those starts.

For that he was named to the American League All-Star team, rightfully so. And should earn the start but that will probably go to Shohei Ohtani since the All-Star Game is, after all, a TV show and that will boost the ratings.

But yesterday, Gibson picked up his first loss of the season in a game in which he gave up five earned runs. But, when he left, he had only given up two. With the bases loaded. Joely Rodriguez came in and promptly allowed all those inherited runners to score, all going to Gibson’s ledger. He didn’t pitch as badly as the numbers might indicate. Had he had any kind of relief help, Gibson could have chalked up another quality start.

But his luck ran out on him yesterday.

Joey Gallo, on the other hand, continued his one-man assault on baseball, with two more home runs, driving in three, walking once, and throwing out a runner trying to advance to third. But, in all fairness, it wasn’t so much a display of Gallo’s arm as much as a display of really bad Tigers baserunning. Gallo fielded the ball in very shallow right, almost at deep second, and the runner coming from first made the boneheaded decision to try to get another base. He was thrown out by six feet. 

Gallo tried to single handedly win the game yesterday, but he needed help that never came. 

His three RBIs were all the three runs the Rangers would score. 

In the end, Gibson and Gallo tried to carry the day. But it takes an entire team. And the Rangers don’t have that.