Ugly numbers. 37 comments

Last week, in an under-the-radar minor league signing, the Rangers brought in center fielder Ben Revere.

He’s a former first-round pick by the Twins who, after three seasons in Minnesota, was traded to the Phillies, where he batted over .300 for three seasons, leading the National League in hits in 2014.

Then, just as quickly as he was good, he turned bad. In fact, he didn’t play in the major leagues at in 2018 after being released by both the Reds and the Angels.

The Ranger signed him to a minor league deal on February 17. He’s really not expected to make the team. Sadly, he is the guy in camp with the highest lifetime batting average.

That tells you all you need to know about the woefulness of the Rangers offense. It’s not good.

In fact, here is a list of the fourteen players who are in the running for what will probably be eleven or twelve roster spots on the 25-man squad. And, here is where each ranks in career batting average,  career on-base percentage, and career OPS.

It’s not pretty. When Ben Revere is your best hitter, you are in trouble.┬áThe reality is, the Rangers offense isn’t good. This core of young talent hasn’t really proven to be all that talented. The only thing the Rangers can hope for is that youth is on their side, and that Odor, Gallo and Mazara will figure it out. That Guzman, Calhoun, and Kiner-Falefa will make major strides.

Its a lot to ask of one player, let alone six.

Everybody is worried about the Rangers rotation. When, the truth is, their offense might be the worst part about this bad team.

All hail Ben Revere. The Rangers savior.