Up in the air.

Since moving into the rotation, Jesse Chavez has allowed 20 ERs in 5 starts.

The headline on texasrangers.com read, “Pitching plans up in the air after rout.”

After rout? It took getting pounded 19-4 by the Diamondbacks for texasrangers.com to notice the Rangers pitching plans are up in the air?

They’re pitching plans have been up in the air before the first opposing home run was airborne. They’ve been up in the air since the Rangers decided to go with a rotation where the three, four, and five pitchers had pitched a combined sixteen innings last year.

Jesse Chavez isn’t the answer. He is yet another failed attempt to make a starter out of a reliever because the team doesn’t have enough starters. Neftali Feliz, Alexi Ogando, Tanner Scheppers, and C.J. Wilson, please raise your hands. If you can actually lift your arms, that is.

Joe Palumbo wasn’t the answer. He isn’t ready yet. Nobody in the minor leagues is ready yet. It’s like the Rangers opened a restaurant without remembering to hire a chef. 

So now the Rangers head into three games in Houston with its pitching rotation up in the air. 

Up in the air? What are they going to call it when Mike Minor is gone?



Mike Minor (8-4, 2.73) vs. Justin Verlander (11-4, 2.98)

Game time: 7:10