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The Rangers come back home after a not so great road trip in which they went 2-4 against some bad teams, one of those slightly worse than the Rangers, one slightly better.

Through the first five road games, the Rangers “offense” could muster no more than three runs a game through nine innings. The bats finally broke out and scored six today.

They picked a good time, since Chi Chi Gonzalez, filling in for the injured Cole Hamels (welcome to the Texas rotation, Cole)  gave up four in the second. It looked like another Rangers effort in futility before the bats came alive in the middle innings.

Mitch Moreland continued his best season by far with four hits and four RBIs.

Adrian Beltre broke out of a 3-for-20 road slump by going 3-for-4.

Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo also drove in runs.

The 2-3-4-5 heart of the order came through. Good things always happen when that happens. It’s just that, that hasn’t been happening too much.

But, time to dwell on the positive.

The Rangers return home to the Ballpark riding a one-game winning streak. They return to the site where they just had their best home stand of the season. In the Wild Card chase, they picked up a game on Minnesota, and a half game on Baltimore, and Tampa Bay, but Los Anaheim won to keep the pace. In the Division race, they picked up a half game on Houston, but not on Los Anaheim.

And, they come home to a lot of great special promotional nights, which are always crowd favorites, including a Star Wars T-Shirt giveaway this weekend against the visiting Tampa Bay Rays.

Below is a list of other upcoming promotional nights:


Shin-Soo Choo Batting Helmet Night: The first 5,000 people in attendance get a free helmet for their cycle. The next 40,000 get a sombrero of gold.

Elvis Andrus Bobblehead Night. There is no actual giveaway here. Elvis’s head is an actual bobblehead, made of extruded injection-molded plastic, so fans just get the joy of watching it bounce around all game long.

Tanner Scheppers Sieve Night: The first 15,00 fans in attendance get a free sieve with Schepper’s likeness painted on it. It’s guaranteed to leak for as long as you use it.

Jeff Banister GPS Night: All fans in attendance receive a broken GPS that is unable to offer any direction and is guaranteed to leave you hopelessly scratching your head, wondering where you are going.

 Leonys Martin Slot Machine Night, Sponsored By K-Mart: The first 10,000 fans 21 and older get to take a spin on a one-armed bandit in honor of recently demoted Leonys Martin, whose only skill was an erratic throwing arm and the ability to rob more-deserving outfielders of playing time. Warning, this slot machine hits only 20% of the time.

Mike Maddux Juicer Night: Just one squeeze is all it takes.

Cole Hamels Pulled Groin Night: The first 15,000 fans get kicked in the crotch. Sorry, males only.

 Prince Fielder Juke Box Night: Every time you play it, a couple of hits come out.

Josh Hamilton Boomerang Night: Yes, it actually comes back.

Shin-Soo Choo Fox News Night: Doesn’t work on lefties.

Jon Daniels Revolving Door Bullpen Night: Select fans get a chance to join the Rangers bullpen for a night, before being sent to Frisco.

Adrian Beltre Hall Of Fame Night: All fans in attendance get to bask in the brilliance of a man headed to Cooperstown.

 Colby Lewis Vintage T-Shirt Night: All fans in attendance receive an old, well-worn T-shirt from Goodwill that will instantly become their favorite shirt in their closet.

Mitch Moreland Calendar Night: Finally, Rangers fans receive a Mitch Moreland calendar that isn’t missing several months.

Rougned Odor Eaters Night: Pretty much self-explanatory.

Rangers Bullpen Laxative Night: Do not use if you want to prevent the runs.

Yovani Gallardo Broken Bra Night: Guaranteed no support.


The Rangers are in town for three against the Tampa Bay Rays starting tonight, then three more against the Seattle Mariners. Then they close out the month with three against the Toronto Blue Jays and three against the Baltimore Orioles.

So come on down to the Ballpark to see your Texas Rangers play baseball.*


*Rangers management cannot guarantee which Texas Rangers team will show up because, frankly, nobody knows from game to game.