Waiting game. 18 comments

It’s December 3 and the hot stove league has been anything but hot. The Angels retained Justin Upton and the Rangers signed Doug Fister. Other than that, there has been very little to talk about. And even those two transactions are fairly non-significant.

It seems GMs are waiting for some chips to fall. Mainly, where does Ohtani go? And were does Giancarlo Stanton go?

Once those happen, teams will have a better understanding of their standing and who needs what.

The Rangers still need a dozen or so quality arms. They still need a few quality hitters. But I suspect they are putting everything on hold until they find out where Ohtani is going to go.

And that will resolve itself within three weeks.

So, set your alarm clocks for the end of December. It’s going to be sleepy time until then.