Washington is the blueprint for success.

Only Sandy Koufax and Chrisy Matheson have lower post-season ERA’s than Stephen Strasbug’s 1.10 post-season ERA.

No matter how much the game of baseball changes, the game of baseball never really changes.

Baseball, or at least winning baseball, has always been about three things.

Starting pitching.

The ability to get two-out hits.


The Washington Nationals are one game from their first World Series appearance ever. They have played that winning formula to perfection. 

They’ve gotten deep performances from their first three starters in this series against St. Louis, at least seven innings from all three.

Seven of their eight runs last night came after there were two outs. Both of their runs in Game 1 came with two outs. 

Their defense has been stellar with two hiccups, both leading to runs, both runs being the only two the Cardinals have scored in their three games.

As teams look for blueprints for success, this is the formula they need to follow.

The Rangers, for instance, were twenty-fifth out of thirty teams in starting pitching ERA, at 5.37. The top five teams all made the playoffs. 

Texas was twenty-third out of thirty at getting two-out hits with runners on base, batting just .232 in that category. 

And they were twenty-second in fielding percentage. 

The Washington Nationals are showing how it’s supposed to be done. Pitching, two-out hits, defense. 

It’s so easy, but so hard.


Luis Severino vs. Gerrit Cole
Game time: 3:08 on FS1

Patrick Corbin vs. Daniel Hudson
Game time: 7:05 on TBS