What it’s all about.

Please, Jon Daniels, please read what Royals General Manager Dayton Moore said yesterday when asked about putting together a competitive team in his current baseball climate when his team comes from a small-market and he’s in a division with such competitive teams. He replied:

“We don’t know any other way. You’re trying to inspire people to follow your team. You’re trying to inspire young people to be part of this game and want to play this game. I think what we’ve always tried to do is be competitive as we possibly can. It’s really important to try to win each and every year. So, you’re going to want to be part of a team and ownership that’s going to do everything they can to put the best team on the field to support those players and coaching staff and manager, who has to put their professional reputation on the line each and every night and answer questions multiple times a day about what went right and what went wrong. To be a great steward of the game, and to continue to grow the game in the ways that are the most healthy, you’ve got to bust your tail for the good of the players, the fans, the coaching staff and ownership, and everybody surrounding the game, and put the best team you can on the field. Period. That’s what it’s all about.”

We now return to our regularly scheduled team who has amassed a 586-609 record, good for a .490 winning percentage, the past nine years.

It’s all about putting the best team you can on the field. Period. Let’s hope Chris Young has that same sense of urgency. And is allowed to follow it.

Go, Rangers.