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Ross Detwiler


Watching yesterday’s painful 11-10 loss to Seattle, about the only analogy I could think of to describe this team so far this year was a bad used car.

You fix your transmission, then your tires go flat. You get new tires, and your brakes are shot. You fix the brakes, the car is out of alignment. You straighten the alignment, there goes the starter. You fix the starter, you’re out of gas. You fill up, your transmission goes out again.

It’s always something breaking down. And you are way beyond your warranty.

Welcome to the 2015 Texas Rangers model. Less chrome than previous models, smaller engine, fewer amenities, rust comes standard, expect a lot of misfiring.

Right now, this car looks like a lemon. Too bad there are no lemon laws protecting fans from the Texas Rangers. We are stuck with this one. There don’t seem to be any trade-ins coming soon.

This team had two five-run leads and couldn’t close the deal. A team coming into the game batting an embarrassing .201 finally breaks loose for thirteen hits. But they give up seventeen hits, a truckload of walks, and lose in soul-crushing fashion 11-10.

Ross Detwiler has been awful in three starts. He’s given up five earned runs in all three, going 4.1 innings in a 10-0 loss to Oakland, 5.2 innings in a 6-3 loss to Los Angeles of Anaheim, and 2.1 innings yesterday in Seattle. His ERA sits at an embarrassing 10.95.

But that is a shiny new Cadillac compared to the 27.00 ERA Tanner Scheppers is driving around in. All Scheppers did was walk three of the four batters he faced, allow three runs, and allow the Seattle Mariners to get back into a game they had no business getting back into.

Jeff Banister’s first major bullpen decision backfired on him. He tried to stretch an inning and two-thirds out of Neftali Feliz’s you’re-lucky-to-wring-an-inning-out-of-it right arm.

But don’t blame Banister. He doesn’t have the parts he needs to make this clunker run.

Even Tony Stewart couldn’t win the Indianapolis 500 driving a used Yugo.