White, twice.

Eli White rounds the bases on the first of this two home runs.

Ever since he was called up to the Rangers in September of last year, they’ve been waiting for him to turn the corner.

Maybe yesterday he didn’t quite get there, but at least the corner seemed within reach. 

After 117 at-bats, White hit his first major league home run in the third inning of yesterday’s game. Then, for good measure, he hit his second one in the seventh.

He has the credentials with the glove to get the Rangers excited about him. It’s his bat that has been the problem. 

He hit .188 with a puny .231 on-base percentage and even punier .460 slugging percentage in his attempts to impress in 2020.

This season he has yo-yoed between Texas and Triple-A, once again failing to generate enough offense to keep him at the big league level. 

Coming into yesterday’s game, he was hitting .145 with a .234 OBP and .437 OPS.

Nobody was expecting much from him. Certainly not a home run. And definitely not two. 

Is this enough? Who knows. The road to last place is littered with Rangers who had a good game or two, then slid into oblivion. 

White could certainly be that. Or, maybe, he could figure something out and contribute enough to not be an offensive albatross. 

He just needed to hit five more for the Rangers to win, but you really can’t expect a guy to hit seven home runs in one game.