Willie is back.

The crowded Rangers roster gets even more crowded today as Willie Calhoun returns, fresh off the I.L., after missing about a month with a pulled hamstring.

This has been a forgettable season for Calhoun in what should have been quite the opposite.

After numerous stalled attempts to make the team and forge a place on the major league roster, he headed into 2020 as the Rangers left fielder. They traded Nomar Mazara to seal that. 

Then, he took a fastball into the face, fracturing his jaw in spring training. It was about as horrible of thing you could ever see on a baseball field. 

Because of the pandemic, he ended up not missing any time but he, understandably, approached his at-bats cautiously.  

When the summer camp came along, Calhoun got two hits in thirty-seven intra-squad at-bats. This was against Rangers pitching. 

Right before the season finally got started, he strained a muscle in his leg. 

Still, he was able to get into eighteen games this season, mostly forgettable. He resumes his season hitting .172, with an almost imperceptible on-base percentage of .206, and an OPS+ of 18. Yikes.

The Rangers have two more weeks left in their season. Calhoun has two weeks to try to bring some sort of positivity to his 2020.


Kyle Cody (0-1, 0.93) vs. Jose Urquidy (0-1, 3.72)