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For the first time since 2012, the Rangers offense has scored double digits in back-to-back games. And won them both.

It was a close game for two innings. In fact, former quality pitcher CC Sabathia got through the first two innings with ease.

Then, pesky Jake Smolinski got the third inning started with a walk. It would be a long time until the Rangers half of the third ended.

Walk, single, single, single, single, pop out, single, hit by pitch, double, sac fly, walk, home run, single, ground out.

Ten runs. Just like that.

Nick Martinez had another great start. Don’t look now, but this is a very good pitcher. Perhaps one of the top five in the American League.

But the big story is, the Rangers hitters unloaded on Yankees pitching up and down the lineup. Every starter had at least one hit. Choo and Fielder got two hits in the third inning alone. Choo, four RBIs.

What the Rangers have shown in the last couple of weeks is, they can beat the pitching they should be beating. And, in raking Pineda over the coals on Friday, they can beat pitching they shouldn’t beat as well.

Suddenly, this team that was left for dead is just three games under .500.

Hello, October.




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