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In the biggest game of his career, Yu Darvish pitched the shortest game of his career, walking off the field without even completing two innings.


Who remembers the last game Yu Darvish pitched for the Rangers?

He lasted 3.2 innings. He gave up ten runs. The Rangers lost 22-10 to Miami. (Adrian Beltre was kicked out of that game for moving the on-deck circle.)

Who remembers the last post-season game Yu Darvish pitched for the Rangers?

He lasted five innings. He gave up five runs. With four homers. The Rangers lost 5-0. It was the last Rangers home playoff game in franchise history.

Now Darvish is a Dodger. He finally made it to the World Series he was never able to as a Ranger. But the results were what Rangers fans came to expect of him.

He didn’t even get through two innings. He gave up four runs. He took the loss. His Dodgers are down two games to one in the World Series.

This is Yu Darvish.

Disappointing when it matters most.


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