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Who remembers the 1994 Rangers? Who remembers how many games they won that year? Or where they finished in the standings? Or who was on the team, or in the rotation?  Hint: It was the year of the strike, where no World Series was played.  It was the year the […]

Making sense of it.

Reading comments around different sites, it seems Rangers fans are just as bewildered about the demotion of Willie Calhoun as Willie Calhoun was. In a number of comments in The Athletic, for instance, a number of fans who admitted that they had been Jon Daniels apologists for a long time, […]

Up in the air.

The headline on read, “Pitching plans up in the air after rout.” After rout? It took getting pounded 19-4 by the Diamondbacks for to notice the Rangers pitching plans are up in the air? They’re pitching plans have been up in the air before the first opposing home […]

Trading Minor would be foolish.

Probably the worst thing about good being a player on a bad team is that every single talking head on every single media outlet targets you for a trade. Now that the Rangers are in freefall mode with the trade deadline two weeks away, Mike Minor’s name is bandied about […]

A dose of optimism.

Just click your heels together twice and keep telling yourself, this team isn’t really that good, this team isn’t really that good.  Then look at the standings and realize this team that isn’t really that good is still five games over .500. Maybe it is heading for a major course […]

Robo umpiring.

Whether we like it or not, it’s coming. Instant replay was the first step. Computers calling the strike zone is going to happen. It’s jusr a matter of when. With that in mind, Bleacher Report decided to ask players what they thought of the concept. As you might expect, opinions varied. […]


There’s nothing like minor league baseball. The Rangers Triple-A affiliate Nashville Sounds put on a fun game. They have a huge guitar-shaped scoreboard. They have putt-putt beyond the right field seating area. Next to that, they have ping pong and cornhole and shuffleboard. They have pubs overlooking center. Oh, and […]

Baseball pioneer.

His name is Tony Thomas. He is an outfielder for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs in the independent Atlantic League. Last week, in the Atlantic League All-Star Game, he did something nobody has ever done before in a professional baseball game. You may recall the Atlantic League is the league […]

Fifty was nifty.

Are the Rangers for real? Yes. How do you know for sure? You can’t keep a good team down. And you cannot keep this team from coming back. They may not always come all the way back but this team has absolutely no quit in it.  Win or lose, baseball […]


Death. Taxes. Lance Lynn wins at home. Three things in life are inevitable. Lance Lynn has now started ten games at the Ballpark. He is 8-0 at home. The Rangers have won 9 of the ten games. The game they lost was in early June against Oakland. He came out […]