The Rangers will hang up their third 100-loss banner in team history.

You’ve heard of Turn Back The Clock nights where teams will don classic uniforms from their past.

The Rangers have created a Turn Back The Clock season. Back to the first two years in Texas when they lost 100-plus games.

There will be four 100-loss teams this year. That used to be a rarity. Now, it’s common place. Every year, so many teams go into the season not even trying to win. That sets up lopsided standings. Because all those bad teams are losing to someone. Which is why there are more teams with 100 wins as well. 

Surprisingly, of the thirty Major League teams, one has never lost 100 games in a season. The team that sent the Rangers to its one hundredth loss last night.

The Angels.

Two teams have not lost 100 games in a season since 1908, the Dodgers and the Cardinals. That’s 113 straight years.

The Yankees lost 100 games back in 1912 back when they were called the Highlanders. They changed their name to the Yankees and have never lost 100 games in a season since.

In their 138-year history, the Giants have lost 100 games only once. In 1985.

It’s not a coincidence the four most successful franchises in MLB history are the Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, and Giants.

Maybe they have a deep-seated respect for the game and for their fans. Although the same can’t be said for the Angels.

So, maybe there isn’t any connective tissue. 

But the Rangers hit the dubious mark of 100 losses with a 7-2 defeat last night.

For that, they boast the fourth highest attendance in baseball, going over two million last night.

Makes you wonder what their incentive to win in the future will be. 

All that Rangers fans can hope for is they don’t have to suffer through a season like this ever again.