The Texas Rangers are in dire need of rebranding.

The last series of the year is here. That is usually accompanied with sadness knowing the long baseball winter is ahead of us.

But, the playoffs will be great. This final weekend will be amazing. Four teams in the American League are fighting it out for two wild card spots, with two games separating them. 

But the Rangers aren’t just saying goodbye to 2021, they are saying goodbye to the Cleveland Indians. Baseball is saying goodbye to the Cleveland Indians.

It’s the last three games Cleveland will play as the Indians team. Starting in 2022, they will be the Cleveland Guardians.

In their long history, they’ve been the Cleveland Blues, the Cleveland Bronchos, the Cleveland Naps before they became the Cleveland Indians. Next year, they will be the Guardians.

Maybe the Rangers will undergo a major rebranding as well.

Not a name change. An attitude change. It’s time to ditch their Just Throw A Team On The Field And Call It Major League brand. There are enough Discount Dollar Stores out there. The world doesn’t need another one. Certainly not one that calls itself the Texas Rangers.

Look at what winning did for the Cubs brand, and the Red Sox brand before that. They were basically teams with histories of losing. They were losers. Then they weren’t. The Rangers are losers. Until they’re not.

The Indians didn’t rebrand to the Gardians overnight. It took years of work. It will take that long for the Rangers to re-brand from The Bottom Feeders.

Let’s hope this series is the last time we see either one of these teams ever again.