Happy 162 Day.

Jordan Lyles finished strong with seven innings of one-run baseball, striking out eight.

Game 162 Day is here. The final day of the 2021 baseball season. Every game starts at the exact same time today. The final day was scheduled that way a few years ago in order to create a day filled with drama from bouncing from one game to another. It’s also to ensure no teams backs into a playoff slot, knowing their rival already lost so they can rest someone at the last minute.

Right now, four games are critical. The Yankees against the Rays. The Red Sox against the Nationals. The Blue Jays against the Orioles. And the Mariners against the Angels. 

Four teams all have a shot at the two A.L. wildcard slots. 

New York and Boston are 91-70.

Toronto, and Seattle are 90-71.

So, all New York or Boston have to do is win today and they are guaranteed a wild card spot. The Yankees play the Rays, who have been their kryptonite. The Red Sox bullpen is in shambles.

There is a very real possibility there can be a four-way tie for the wild card. That happens if New York and Boston both lose, and Toronto and Seattle both win. It’s a long shot. And things like this rarely work out. It’s as likely the Yankees and Boston both win and they are the wild cards and none of this talk about playing

But it could. And it might. Today is critical for so many teams. Today is wonderful for baseball fans. 

And for Rangers fans, there is the satisfaction of knowing that had the Rangers won just 30 more games this year, they, too, would be right in the thick of things.

Oh, so close.