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Last year, just like the last two days, the Rangers played four games in two cities in two days.

This time they had a bit more success than they did last year:


March 22, 2015

If we got a glimpse into the future, the future is pretty much like the past. Which is to say, not pretty.

Thankfully, this is spring training. Thankfully these games don’t count. And, hopefully, this is not what Rangers pitching will look like.

The Rangers two-day, two-city doubleheader experience turned out to be a huge dud.

Four games, three blowout losses, zero wins, one tie. And a whole lot of opposing balls over walls.

You can discount, or even ignore, the cheap shots to right field in the Alamo Dome in the two games in San Antonio against the Dodgers. It wasn’t fair that every time the Dodgers came up to bat, they reconfigured the stadium so right field was 200 feet from home plate. Then, every time the Rangers came up, it was 500 feet.

That’s why the Dodgers hit ten home runs and the Rangers hit only two. Because they moved up the right field fence every time the Dodgers come up to bat. That’s why. Right?

Oh, also because the Dodgers had guys like Zach Grienke pitching, and the Rangers had guys like Rangers pitchers pitching.

In Surprise, it wasn’t much better. Led by Colby Lewis, Rangers pitching yielded twelve runs.

Totalled up, the Rangers gave up 38 runs in two days. These guys should be congressmen, they give away so freely without consequence.

So the search for a viable fifth starter and probably fourth starter and maybe even third starter continues.

Once again, thank goodness it’s only spring. Right?